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Bartoline Green provides a prevetted array of vendors in manufacturing the following goods : Solar Mounting Systems, Combiner Boxes, Junction Boxes
Solar Mounting Systems
These include greenfield and brownfield systems for fixed PV and tracker arrays, as well as roof mounted and car port installations. Service includes design and supply, and installation QC, with local content of 90%.
Electrical Switchboards
These include all field LV and MV switchboards for distribution and Motor Control. Panesl are IP 68 and SABS approved, and carry locally supported and warranted parts by Schneider, ABB or Siemens. Local Content is 50%.
Gray Water Systems
These include the sump tank, treatment tank, circulating pump, dosing system and reticulation
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Bartoline Green can offer a one stop solution for all site establishment needs, including fencing and gates, storage containers, equipped office containers, ablution containers and toilets, plumbed or chemical, rough terrain forklifts, tractors and trailers. Transport of materials by road, using certified and insured transporters from anywhere in the country. (Also see (Human Rescourcing)-hyperlink) for supply of site personnel for logistics. Logistics include a just in time delivery system, site storage and handling, and laying out the materials in the filed for installation on a just in time basis.
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Bartoline Green offers a comprehensive breakbulk kitting service. Bulk goods are staged offsite and kitted into fit-for- site-specific delivery packages, including pre-assembly of sub-assemblies, where necessary. This allows bulk transport to be more compact and volumetrically efficient, hence more economical. Taking assembly off site eliminates weather and labour unrest events as risks, and quality control is centralised, hence more efficient. Typical pre-assembling includes : setting solar PV panels (imported) into frames (locally made), pre-assembling bolt-on components of solar mounting systems to rafters, purlins and posts, hard-stamping components of solar mounting systems, specific to site layout identification, applying barcoded labels to solar modules in sequence, specific to site layout identification, cutting, terminating and labeling of cables to site specific requirements.

Bartoline Green has a network of Business Partners who all have the capacity and the experience from the South African REIPP projects of Rounds 3 and 4. Knowing the conditions and challenges which presented themselves in these previous rounds, with a project contribution of 170Mw now connected to Grid, places as in a position to add value immediately, without a learning curve risk, allowing our clients to focus on their key deliverables.